• Excellent Location
    • Rowe, New Mexico, 35.32N latitude, 105.72W longitude. Elevation 7,400 feet
    •  Albuquerque (pop. 555,000, ~ 54 miles WSW)
    •  Santa Fe (pop. 69,000, ~27 miles NW)
    •  SQM range: >= 21.7
    •  Seeing range: 1-2”; 0.8 observed
    • Observatory Building: 25×60’ corrugated Steel Master A-Model Quonset Hut
    •  The design of the observatory provides horizon to horizon coverage down to at least 25 degrees
    •  The observatory is actuated by an electric motor which rolls the entire structure to expose the telescopes to the sky
    •  An inner stem wall structure provides protection from ground-level wind
    •  The structure is engineered to withstand snow and wind loads associated with local conditions
    •  All equipment is insured. Each member hosting equipment is also required to carry insurance. Premiums vary but should be less than $300/year. We can refer you to an insurance broker to assess your insurance needs if you need help.
    •  Each of the 18 isolated imaging locations are on 7×7 foot squares with custom built, 0.25” thick-walled, cold-rolled steel piers available.
      The piers have a flat top surface with universal tapped holes to fit Software Bisque and A-P mounts. Other mount brands can be accommodated as well.
    • 100 Mbps fiber Internet connectivity (up and down)
    •  M1OASYS Observatory automation and control
    •  Interactive Astronomy’s SkyAlert Cloud Sensor (primary rain sensing)
    •  Hydreon Optical Rain Sensor (secondary rain sensing)
    •  Hunter Rain-Clik (tertiary rain sensing)
    •  Interactive Astronomy’s SkyEye All Sky Camera
    •  Unihedron Sky Quality Meter
    •  Bosch and Custom Low Lux Surveillance Cameras
    •  Clear Sky Chart
    •  Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed network infrastructure