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Welcome to Deep Sky West, a remote astrophotography and telescope hosting observatory located on Rowe Mesa in Rowe, New Mexico.  DSW is committed to providing affordable remote hosting services and innovative collaborative imaging opportunities.

Complete the form to see for yourself.  Download free data sets acquired at DSW.  We’ll rotate interesting data sets from time to time so check often.  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the site while you’re here!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions on processing or image acquisition.  We have many years of experience and are glad to help in any way possible.

DSW members get all raw, unprocessed data (bias, darks, flats and lights). The files are unprocessed FITS files and have been calibrated (dark subtracted, flat fielded, stacked, and registered using Pixinsight). The data were collected with an FSQ-106 EDXiii, QSI683wsg, and Lodestar on a Paramount MyT*.  All filters are Astrodon E-Series Tru-Balance.  If you use the data as part of a published image please credit DSW by stating “Image Acquisition by the staff at Deep Sky West Remote Observatory (” – We thank you for this consideration.


*We also operate 5 other shared systems on behalf of non-hosted members.  DSW Members pay a flat annual fee depending on the platform.  As a member you get to participate in target selection and you get all data produced by your chosen system(s) delivered to you automatically.  The FSQ-106 (System #5) produced over 900 hours of image data last year for an average hourly rate of  ~$1.30 per hour–this is extremely cost effective.

  1. RC Optical 14.5″ Carbon Truss + SBIG STX-16803 + Adaptive Optics + Paramount ME ($2,400 / year)
  2. Astro-Physics RH-305 + FLI ML8300 + Paramount ME ($1,800 / year)
  3. Astro-Physics RH-305 + SBIG STX-16803 +A-P 1600 ($2,000 / year, available July 2017)
  4. Rokinon 135mm f/2.8 “Ultra Wide Field” + QSI583ws + A-P Mach1GTO ($600 / year)
  5. FSQ-106 + MyT + QSI683wsg-8 ($1,200 / year)
  6. Astro-Physics 175 Starfire Refractor + FLI PL16070 + A-P 1600AE ($2,400 / year)

Hosting your own equipment costs $8,400 per year and is all-inclusive (including on-site support!)

Clear Skies!