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RC OpticalRokinonA-P RH305 + 8300A-P RH305 + 16803A-P Starfire 175FSQ-106Officina Stellare RH200

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Host Your System ($700/month hosting fee). Anyone with suitable equipment can join DSW as an individual, or as a small group of imagers for $700 / month, all-inclusive.

We can help you do the installation if you can’t make the trip out. We charge a nominal fee to do set-up and testing which is just enough to cover our costs. Most do their own installations and for them we always have someone present to provide support.

DSW promotes teamwork-it’s one of our guiding principles and puts remote, dark site imaging within reach of the backyard imager. Among our primary goals is to make remote imaging “affordable for the rest of us”. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel since we’ve already procured a site, implemented the infrastructure, built the observatory, and hired on-site support. Affordable remote imaging, every clear night, is within your grasp-no building, no driving, no sleepless nights, no hourly points systems.

Subscribe to a DSW-Operated System (as low as $600/year). This is the easiest way to start remote imaging at DSW. We have 6 DSW-operated systems for you to choose from. The teams operate very simply: general imaging standards are set for exposure times and binning, all members participate in a democratic target selection process, and all data is shared equally among the team members. Final images belong to the processor. See field of view comparison below.

RC Optical 14.5” Carbon Truss + SBIG STX-16803 + Adaptive Optics + Paramount ME ($2,400 / year) Astro-Physics RH-305 + FLI ML8300 +Paramount ME ($1,800 / year) Astro-Physics RH-305 + SBIG STX-16803 +A-P 1600 ($2,000 / year, available June 2017) Rokinon 135mm f/2.8 “Ultra Wide Field” + QSI583ws +Paramount ME ($600 / year) FSQ-106 + MyT + QSI683wsg-8 ($1,200 / year) Astro-Physics 175 Starfire Refractor + FLI PL16070 + A-P 1600AE ($2,400 / year)