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Sh2-229 (Flaming Star Nebula area) Data Rokinon 135 f2

Flaming Star nebula and friends.  I like how this area turned out, healthy amount of data.  I processed the RGB data, masked stretch.  Did the L data, decon, masked stretch and then LRGB combination.  Processed the Ha data with decon as well...I was *thinking about* using the Ha data for luminance as part of adding wispiness to the area, but ended up just using the proper luminance and narrowband combination tool after stretching.  Tried the Ha combination in linear mode, but hated that after it washed out too many other colors.  As it is, I still upped the blue channel for the higher luminance areas because the red was drowning it out.

Uploaded files:
  • Sh2_229_HaLRGB_web2.jpg