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Polaris Area, Rokinon 135 f2

Polaris region with galactic cirrus or IFN or whatever.  That cloudy stuff around it.

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  • Polaris_v1p1.jpg

An area we think of as mostly empty?!?!  Well done.

2nd version, redid some stuff for a bit less choppy.

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  • Polaris_v2_reduced.jpg

Very nice.

Thanks!  Last edit, I swear.  (Editors note:  Sources are expecting this to be a lie.)  I wanted to bring up more dust and make it even smoother, so I reduced stars more and did some adjustments in Photoshop to make it more what I wanted.

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  • Polaris_v4.jpg

Ha! Whatever. "Last edit" is not in our vocabulary. Nice work.

Woohoo!  Image of the day at Astrobin.  Was wondering why I got a sudden influx of likes.  There's an ego boost.


Nice, who would think of this region to be imaged, maybe one day i can give it a try with my simple cheap setup.