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Orion 12-panel Mosaic Rokinon 135 f2

I finally got around to doing the 12 panel mosaic with the data from 2018 and 2019 with the Rokinon 135 f2 on Orion.  I put it off because it was quite a chore from the 9 panel I had done with just the 2018 data, and was never quite happy with the assembly and knew I had to start over, but I love Orion so I got around to this one.

To start, instead of just registering panels together with matching distortion like I did last time I solved each luminance panel (cropped and DBEd) for coordinates.  Then I used the MosaicByCoordinates script in PI with a Mercator projection on each of the panels, dnaLinearFit starting from the center and iterated with GMM to make the best luminance mosaic I could.  I combined each of the RGB panels, DBE, registered on the master luminance with thin plate splines, dnaLinearFit, GMM.  Similar with Ha.  After assembling each mosaic another DBE across the whole frame, small TGVDenoise, MaskedStretch.  LRGB combo with the luminance, NBRGB with the Ha (I find it best in nonlinear I think to get my preference).  In Startools, Contrast, HDR Reveal All, pulled the Ha up with Entropy, Sharpen, Isolate.  In Lightroom used Haze reduction, small tweaks.  In Photoshop I reduced the background around the edges of the frames using a star mask I made in PI.

Now that I've got this done, I'm eager for more including the Witch Head to the west, completing Orion's head on the north, Rosette to the east...yikes!

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  • Orion_toweb.jpg

Wonderful, amazing, no other words to describe it! I have never seen such a beautiful image of the region.