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NGC 3324 TOA-150 Chille

Well, I'm new to Photoshop processing and haven't quite figured out how to create a narrowband color image.  I ended up using an RGB model with pleasing but inaccurate colors.   I have to say that working with flawless data really makes this whole journey a joy.  My Washington D.C. location makes this impossible with the light pollution... and Northern Hemisphere location.  I'm loving the fact that the TOA 150 in Chille is covering objects I've never seen before.


If anyone can point me to a tutorial for narrowband processing, that would be great!




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Here's my take on the same data.

Certainly not as good as it could be, but I'm also not an expert. I use PixInsight to stack all of R, G, B, S, H and O separately and use the Automatic Background Extractor plus just the auto histogram adjustments. I create an RGB like I normally would, then an SHO (S on the Red channel, H on the Green and O on the Blue) and adjust the colors to the Hubble palette as in this tutorial:

There's a series of actions you can buy called Annie's Astro Actions that has a "remove stars" feature. I remove the stars from the SHO image and paste the RGB image as a layer with the luminosity mask.

I'll definitely check out the link and approach to incorporate narrowband data.  Several folks have suggested PixInsight, so it's probably time I a gave it a good look.  Thanks again for the info!