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M42 in HaRGB

My first shot at M42, the beautiful Orion Nebula. I started with in LRGB, but quickly migrated over to HaRGB because of the Ha detail. I will likely do a narrowband edition in the future.

For this image: Ha (14x900s), R (16x600s), G (16x600s), B (32x600s).

I typically wouldn't push the saturation as high as I did on the pink, but I liked the contrast with the blue, and it wasn't blowing out any highlights, so I kept it punchy.

As with my other images, PI as the starter, PS for middle relief, and LR as the closer.

HD image on AB:


Uploaded files:
  • M42-HaRGB-Dec-2018.jpg

Love the there anything you can do for the Trapezium area?  Short exposure luminance data there to possible merge in somehow?


THAT is a great point! I was working with the 600s exposures, and I couldn't figure out why there were other 15 and 60 second exposures in there. So you're suggesting then that I take the 60s Ha exposures and merge them into my composition? Do you think I need to do that with the RGB as well? (Newbie here.) 🙂 Or should I even take it one step further and go down to 15s? (I noticed that PI took issue with some of the 15s exposures.)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Let me know your thoughts on this one. It was a crapload of work (since everything was already image scaled and stretched), but I'm pretty happy with this rendition (of combined 60s exposures). It blends the highlights with the stars. I'm sure if I went down to the 15s exposures (instead of 60), I could get the stars even more defined, but I quite like the slightly blown out highlights in combination with the stars. What are your thoughts?

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  • M42-HaRGB-Dec-2018-v3.jpg

HD file temporarily [here].

Alright, last version for the night. I took the 15s luminance and blended it. You can definitely see the stars more, but I think I'm happier with the previous 60s version for the dramatic effect. Thoughts?

Uploaded files:
  • M42-HaRGB-Dec-2018-v3.jpg

It's your file but I prefer this latest version.  😀

Alright, my wife voted with you as well. You guys win. The 15s exposures it is. Thanks again!

Updated image: