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Images from DSW-South @ El Sauce Chile...M17

I haven't processed or posted anything for a while, so here we go!


Interesting to shoot this when it's up at 60 degrees!  I've done this many times on many scopes.  This one was different in terms of getting to the detail.  Color richness is different, but this I think is due to the TOA + 16200.  It was the same during testing in NM.  Maybe I'm just juiced up on saturation!

Before finalizing this image I'd revisit the stars (especially those in the core of the DSO.  Somewhere along the way I picked up halos, tried a quick fix and made it worse...back to step whatever!)



Uploaded files:
  • M17-HaRGB-v1-July-2019-TOA-150-El-Sauce-DSW-South-v5-Edit.jpg