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IC 2177

IC 2177 across several seasons (compressed from a 6MB JPEG to 1MB), scopes and locations (2014-15 data from my time at SRO shooting an FSQ and 10" RC).

Astrobin version:


Uploaded files:
  • IC-2177-LRGB-Processed-v1-3-Scopes-2-small.jpg

Great composition.  One of these days I'm going to learn how to merge data better.  I tried with my 6" reflector data onto some Rokinon 135 f2 for M45 and was able to selectively improve some of the nebulosity around the Pleiades, but not much.  Then the diffraction spikes looked dumb from the reflector and lens combo.  Oh well!

Awesome, Lloyd.

I just noticed that the composition here reveals a structural echo of the Bogeyman Nebula and M78 with Barnard's Loop running between them.

I love to see the combining, layering and gradual improvement in noise reduction and detail as more data is integrated over time.

Looks great, congratulations and thank you!, Lloyd!

Scott Stirling
Graham, NC