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Centaurus A in LRGB from Chile, cropped

Here's my result for Centaurus A with the data we have so far.  I left out the Ha data because (1) it's noisy or cloudy and (2) neither the Ha nor L data (nor integrating all of it into a Super Lum) was enough to reveal the plumes/jets of matter extending up and down from the center of the galaxy.  Idk how much data is needed for that!  I can see some material streaming, but nothing like the pic, e.g., on Wikipedia that shows two clear plumes of ejected / colliding material.

The color on the resulting RGB was very hard to get the way I would like it.  The small stars want to be green.  The blue stars want to be purple.  The background wants to be brown.  In short, the color balance is out of whack like seems to happen when the signal through the color filters is unbalanced when one or more channels is weakened by haze or other issues.

Scott Stirling
Graham, NC

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