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California Nebula (NGC1499 Main Panel Rokinon 135 f2 data set)

Processed the California Nebula, NGC 1499 main panel from the Rokinon 135 f2, HaRGB.

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  • NGC1499_HaRGB.jpg

A bit different take on this.  Although I liked the wispy nature of the Ha luminance use, I didn't like the color shift loss of non-Ha dust details.  So, this version I didn't use the Ha as luminance and then just shrunk the stars a little to bring out the nebula.  To get the wispy look back for the nebula, I used a color mask on the red of the Ha dominant areas and pasted over the prior image.  Getting the better dust, I've uploaded the broader image because there are some neat dust, dark nebular areas.

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  • NGC1499_HaRGB_11072018.jpg

In my opinion the dust in the 2nd version shows well.

First one was good - second one is great!

Scott Stirling
Graham, NC